‘2022 is a great opportunity for Ferrari which they cannot waste’

The 2022 Formula One season, when the new regulations will come into force, could be an important chance for many teams. Among which Scuderia Ferrari. For Ross Brawn, interviewed by the Italian daily newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, the Maranello team can benefit and get back into the fight for the very first positions after the difficulties encountered this year.

The red team is in fact going through one of the most difficult seasons in its recent history, also due to the lack of horsepower after the secret agreement with the FIA, and has only scored three podium finishes. Two with Charles Leclerc and one with Sebastian Vettel, the latter in Turkey on November 15th.

“I think 2022 is a great opportunity, with a new car philosophy” – admitted Ross Brawn – “I have no doubt that they will work hard on next year’s car at Maranello, but their priority must be 2022, they cannot waste this opportunity” – the former Ferrari boss added.

From Ferrari to Lewis Hamilton, the current main figure of the hybrid Formula One. For the current sporting director of the sport, the Mercedes standard bearer is destined to continue the winning streak: “ He is part of an exceptional team and has at least three or four years ahead of him still at the top. At the moment it is difficult to know who can stop him. Some might say that some drivers have the best car of the moment at their disposal, but often the two things go together, that is, they entrust them with excellent cars because they are very good”. – he concluded.

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