8 Key Details You May Have Missed in the Latest Doctor Strange Trailer

Nothing can ever be simple or straightforward when it comes to Doctor Strange. The concept of the multiverse is sure to throw a wrench in the gears of the MCU, and the latest trailer revealed a bunch of footage that only brings up more questions than it answers. But even in the madness, there are a few tidbits that give us an idea of what’s coming. Here are eight important details that you may have missed in the latest Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness trailer.

Keep in mind that we will be focusing on the TV spot that aired on Sunday as a part of the trailer that went live on YouTube at the same time.

Steven Strange Variants

Back in May, the show What If began to introduce MCU fans to the idea of the multiverse. Mysterio hinted at its existence in Far From Home but we didn’t see any variants of well-known characters until What If, Loki, and No Way Home. One of the most notable variants we saw was Strange Supreme which appears to be making a jump from What If in some way or another.

This variant was the first one seen in the original trailer in a room with low lighting and an inhuman skin tone. This version of Strange makes a return in the new trailer, but we also see a few more variants. Defender Strange is one of the big ones that we know next to nothing about. In one of the comics, this variant became the leader of the Defenders, as the name would imply. There’s not much else to say about him except that his hair looks different with two long stripes of gray hair going from the edge of his hairline to the back of his head.

The other variant that we saw in the trailer got a little more screen time than Defender Strange. However, this one looks infinitely more horrifying. This variant looks strikingly similar to the zombie version of Steven Strange from What If. The doctor is missing an eye and his hands are decomposing. There’s even a creepy shot of zombie Strange with multiple skeleton arms.

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