“A special feeling to be allowed to defend the red colour” – Carlos Sainz

New Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz says he doesn’t mind the missed victory at Monza in his 2020 season. During the Italian GPThe Mexican driver could not outpace his former teammate Pierre Gasly, who secured his first Formula 1 victory that weekend.

The Spanish driver continues: “If you analyse the race, I think it was almost impossible to win. That’s why I have especially good memories of that weekend.” In the middle of a chaotic weekend for the top teams, including a 10 second penalty for Lewis Hamilton, both Sainz and Gasly managed to position themselves at the front of the grid, and a long battle for victory followed. During the last few laps of the race Sainz gradually got closer to the leading Frenchman, but it wasn’t enough to make the deciding difference at the end.

In an interview with the Dutch Telegraaf, Carlos Sainz looks back on the race in Monza, and the taste that the memory of this race now brings to his mouth. “I’m still proud of what I did that weekend”, says Carlos Sainz. “I missed the win by half a second. The red flag situation was not to my advantage, but I think I can be proud of how I handled it.”

Ferrari magic
After a two-year stint at McLaren, Sainz will fight for the honour next season with the Scuderia. Although aware of Scuderia Ferrari’s bad season, Sainz argues that being allowed to race in Ferrari red brings a certain magic. Carlos Sainz explained: “The name Ferrari, the brand, has something magical about it. It gives such a special feeling to be allowed to defend that red colour.” – he concluded.

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