Age of Empires IV Gets New Trailers Showing Nest of Bees Rockets & Palings

Microsoft revealed two brand new trailers of its upcoming strategy game Age of Empires IV.

Both trailers focus on showing implements of defense and destruction that you’ll be able to use in the game.

Specifically, we see Nest of Bees Rockets and Palings, taking care respectively of defense and offense.

You can find both videos below.

If you’d like to see more, you can check out the previous reveal from E3, another trailer showing the Hundred Years War campaign, and two more focusing on the Abbasid Dynasty and naval warfare.

Age of Empires IV launches on October 28 exclusively on PC. Here’s how Microsoft officially describes it.

“The king of real-time strategy (RTS) is back! Age of Empires has returned with its first all new title in 16 years, modernizing the RTS genre for new and returning players eager for the return of an RTS gaming phenomenon.    
By using history as a development tool, “Age of Empires IV” brings unparalleled atmosphere to the RTS with stylized visuals, diverse civilizations and authentic music and speech – all which come together to let you celebrate the High Medieval period to Late Renaissance history and cultures. 
With updated controls, intuitive UI and a fresh approach to campaign putting you as the hero in history, “Age of Empires IV” is the most accessible Age of Empires game yet while taking everything fans love about the franchise to the next level.”

  • Stunning 4K visual fidelity  
  • Eight diverse civilizations, including the Mongols and Chinese, along with naval gameplay support 
  • Four campaigns with thirty-five missions spanning 500 years of history 
  • Cooperate or spectate with up to seven of your friends in PVP and PVE multiplayer modes 
  • Best-in-class game and platform services, including a World Editor in early 2022, tutorials and a story mode to help onboard new RTS players 

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