Are millennial changing bingo?

The real questions we should probably be asking is, what aren’t millennial changing? They are influencing every single industry as the entertainment and gambling industry especially adapt and change to suit young adults and their preferences.

Millennial aren’t just influencing online casinos which offer classic casino games like Blackjack and poker and online slots at Magical Vegas, but they are also influencing the online bingo world too as they compete for the attention of younger players. Let’s take a look at just how millennials are driving change in the online bingo sector. 

Bingo Lingo is being transformed by Millennial

Bingo lingo is something which is synonymous with the game and has been for almost as long as the game has been played in the UK, adding to the fun of the game and getting players giggling as they play and socialise with friends. Bingo lingo has been continuously adapted over time incorporating pop-culture and many bingo calls have been a sign of the times, but the adaptation of bingo lingo and bingo calls has developed much quicker in the past decade than ever before because of the internet and online bingo chat rooms frequented by players of all ages.

Thanks to the internet, bingo has had a much-needed face-lift and has been modernised for younger players and part of this was making bingo lingo and the language associated with bingo more relatable to younger players rather than being filled with phrases which are no longer in circulation with the players who enjoy the game.

Not all players are happy about the influence, however, as some players believe that millennials are taking away bingo traditions such as “Legs 11” for number 11 and “two fat ladies” for 88 and making them more politically correct as they can be perceived as offensive to some. However, the majority of players welcome the changes, believing that it should be the players who shape the bingo lingo and that the language should be relevant and have the power to put a smile on the faces of players and offer the opportunity to have a laugh while enjoying bingo.

Modern bingo language for the 21st Century 

Like many traditional bingo calls, newer bingo calls are tongue in cheek and poke fun at the stereotypes of players and this tradition is something which is continued in new bingo calls, such as Gluten-Free – 83! The tradition of some of the bingo calls rhyming with their number is also something which has remained intact to the delight of many players. Many bingo sites welcome these new bingo calls with open arms believing it shakes things up a bit and keeps it interesting, light-hearted and fun. Some online bingo sites are even considering redesigning bingo games entirely to appeal more to the younger generations – but don’t worry – the changes will no doubt only make the games even more exciting, convenient and fun to play.

Some of the most popular new calls include Wills and Kate – 88, Brunch for Two – 52, and Yaaaaas Qween – 14. So next time number 14 is called out – you know what to do!

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