Best Hitman Locations of All-Time, All 18 Ranked

Hitman 3 has finally launched, bringing IO Interactive’s trilogy to a close. As a series, it sends Agent 47 all around the world, from New Zealand to India, and all of the locations are impressive and varied. Now that we’ve seen everything the series has to offer, we’ve ranked all of the best Hitman locations.

18. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand – Hitman 2

Hawke’s Bay isn’t a bad location, none really are in the Hitman series, but it gets marked down for being so much smaller than the others. While the extravagant house on the beach is well designed and the swirling storm changes how you approach it, you’re limited in a number of opportunities.

It’s difficult to cram over the top accidents and impressive set-pieces into such a small level, so it doesn’t really feel like a modern Hitman level, at least not next to the rest of the series.

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