Final Fantasy XIV Gets More Gorgeous & Funny Illustrations to Celebrate Extended Free Trial

Square Enix is continuing to release beautiful illustrations by guest artists to celebrate the recent expansion of the Final Fantasy XIV free trial.

With the latest update, the free trial of the game allows players to enjoy their characters up to level 60 and all the way through the Heavensward expansion. 

To celebrate, the house of Final Fantasy has been posting “freestyle” art by guests artists on the game’s official Japanese Twitter account, featuring some well-known names.

Below you can see art ranging from the stunning to the comedic by Kazuki Yone (known for the character design of Hakuoki), Gas1, Yosuke Omomo, 4-koma mangaka Bukubu Ookawa, Ebimomo, Esteo, Saki Ukai, and VOFAN. 

You can also check out the previous batch

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Where to Ride: Endless mountain biking in Virginia’s Blue Ridge starts in Roanoke

Sitting smack dab in the middle of the East Coast, just far enough into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke, Virginia centers a hub of next level mountain bike trails. In fact, it boasts an amazing set of singletrack right inside its own downtown! But it’s the proximity to several road trip-worthy trails, family-friendly outdoor activities […]

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Espargaro takes maiden pole at home for KTM

Pol Espargaro took an historic maiden pole for Red Bull KTM in the second visit to the Austrian track.

Espargaro claimed the first pole position for the Austrian outfit at the BMW M Grand Prix of Styria after a ferocious Q2 session saw the Spaniard joined on the front row by Taka Nakagami who claimed his first front row start in the premier in second position and Johann Zarco in third. Zarco fought valiantly through the pain of his recent wrist surgery to move up from Q1 to Q2 however, due to the horrendous clash with Franco Morbidelli which saw last week’s AustrianGP red flagged, Zarco will be starting from the pitlane.

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Former F1 champion believes “it’s going to take Ferrari a lot of time” to get back to the top

For Scuderia Ferrari it’s not yet the season they had hoped for. The Maranello-based race team may already have two podium finishes with Charles Leclerc, but still the Italians are behind McLaren and Racing Point in fifth place in the constructors’ championship. Jacques Villeneuve expects Ferrari to continue to compete with these teams for the time being.

Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel don’t have to think about victories for the time being. “Ferrari has to start all over again”, says Villeneuve, who says that this is actually two years back in time. “It’s making it very difficult and it’s going to take them a lot of time”.

Ferrari makes the wrong choice
At Sky Sports, Villeneuve also indicates that in his view it is not wise for so many Italians to work at the most important positions within Scuderia Ferrari. “They want to make it a real Italian team, but I don’t think it’s necessary in Formula 1.” According to the single world … Read the rest

Crusader Kings 3 Trailers & Video Are All About Military, Technology, Money, & Shenanigans

Paradox Interactive has been releasing quite a few trailers and videos its upcoming grand strategy game (with charming roleplay elements) Crusader Kings III.

This time around we get to see three trailers focusing respectively on military might, technological progress, and wealth. 

On top of that, another extensive gameplay video showcases lots of shenanigans in medieval Spain. 

You can watch it below.

Crusader Kings III releases on September 1, 2020, exclusively for PC.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you can enjoy my own hands-on preview as I tell the tale of how I fought, murdered, deceived, and seduced my way into becoming the King of Lombardy starting from the position of a modest count.  You can also read my interview with with Product Manager Max Weltz

If you’d like to learn more, here’s how Paradox itself describes the game:

  • Character Focused Gameplay: Every character you play or
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Sneak Peek: CamelBak M.U.L.E & H.A.W.G. go Pro with Air Support Pro Back Panel

CamelBak is already looking forward to 2021 – and who can blame them. Joining the other hydration pack brands giving a little preview of upcoming models, CamelBak just announced their new Pro series models for spring 2021. Building off two of their most successful models, the new additions will include the M.U.L.E. Pro 14 and […]

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So your kid loves racing? Let’s pick a safe first car

If your kid has followed in your footsteps and developed a love of watching F1 when the time comes to get them their first car, you might be feeling a bit nervous about their safety. Most kids don’t copy what they see on TV, but it’s essential to make sure that they get a ride that will allow them to have fun and nurture their love of automobiles while being sensible. If that sounds like something you need a little help with, make sure to look at the following first-time cars.

VW Golf

The VW golf is a classic first car. It’s practical, has excellent performance, and (especially the GTI models) can be great fun. The GTI model can be as fun as most sports cars, but if you are prioritizing safety, you might want to just pick a standard model as it can be a bit too quick, especially … Read the rest

A legend’s demise – The downfall of Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel was once a record-breaker. A maestro and four-time World Champion in his prime who surpassed heroes like Fernando Alonso, Alain Prost and the legendary Ayrton Senna with his ever-increasing tally of wins, he dominated the world of Formula 1 for almost half a decade and subsequently elevated himself to unimaginable glory at the pinnacle of motorsport. His ousting from the top spot looked unthinkable, and he was destined to become the greatest of all time.

But now, that’s all in the past.

After a comfortless start to the 2020 season riddled with retirements, collisions and downright disappointments all round, both Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari find themselves in an incredibly difficult position moving forward. Before the year even started, it was announced that the German would conclude six years of service with the team- leaving the legendary Italian marque at the end of the season, and judging by the … Read the rest

Pirelli explains 2021 rule changes’ likely impact on the tyres

The British Grand Prix saw several dramatic tyre failures at the end of the race – an issue Pirelli partially attributed to “the biggest forces ever seen on tyres generated by the fastest Formula 1 cars in history.” And with the same generation of tyres set to carry over to next year, Pirelli boss Mario Isola has welcomed news that the rules for next season will reduce the downforce on the cars, and therefore the stress on the tyres.

Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz all suffered sudden deflations in the last few laps of the race at Silverstone, which prompted Pirelli to investigate what had caused them. A long stint on the same rubber and the extreme forces generated by the current F1 cars were determined to be behind the issues.

Originally the current tyre compounds – which first ran in 2019 – were to be retired at the end of this year, … Read the rest

Eiyuden Chronicle by Suikoden Creators Shows United Hero Attacks in New Video

Today Rabbit & Bear Studios revealed new videos featuring its upcoming JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

The video features Unite Hero Attacks, which look really nice in this prototype footage.

That being said, we also get an interview with producer and art director Junichi Murakami, who mentions that the footage we have seen so far includes many areas that need to be improved, but he believes the team will be able to impress us, even more, going forward.

You can check, out both videos below.

The crowdfunding campaign keeps growing and it’s now at $3,266,543, which means that the first DLC (which backers will get for free) has been unlocked.

A dueling system that was teased with the last update has been fully revealed and will come at $3.425 million, while another goal at $3.7 million has been announced. For now we only have the title, “Playing Favorites.”

Duels –

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