Chris Wilder fires shots at ‘politician’ Jurgen Klopp: ‘Liverpool – that’s all he cares about’

We think Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder is a good guy, actually – but we think he’s got the wrong end of the stick in this rant against Jurgen Klopp.

Wilder has criticised Klopp for his recent media complaining, in which he’s questioned the logic of the refusal to allow five subs in the Premier League, as well as the bizarre scheduling which allows teams in Europe to play the early lunchtime fixture.

Yesterday, Klopp also said that the return of some fans to grounds in Tier 2 areas, is a positive sign – but Wilder has taken offence to it.

“He’s a world-class manager and a world-class politician, who cares about Liverpool,” Wilder told the Mirror. “That’s all he cares about.

“He was never going to say what about Sheffield United getting their fans back in or Newcastle or Man City or Man United or anybody else. He’s a world-class politician.

“I know his background on support and how much Anfield has been a fortress. The Liverpool support is magnificent, I know it is because my old man is from that part of the world.

“I know he’s been vocal on that and Jurgen isn’t going to say it’s not right that they can have fans in as they’re in tier-two and Sheffield United, Leeds, Manchester and all the rest of the north are not allowed in.

“It was funny looking at that map, wasn’t it? Shock! I think us in the north were fully expecting us to be in the old tier three as they kindly put us in.”

Wilder should realise that Klopp isn’t his enemy. The Englishman is probably a little tense right now given his side are struggling so badly in the Premier League – but we’re not sure his sarcasm is called for.

Klopp is a brilliant politician though. He’s someone who should be listened to.

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