Create Your Own Nintendo Direct With This Awesome Fan Project

It feels like it’s been an awfully long time since we’ve had a proper Nintendo Direct. Instead of their usual lengthy video formats, Nintendo’s been taking a different approach this year by scattering their new announcements.

If the lack of a true Direct has been giving you the blues, this fan project will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Switch Stop on YouTube knew just how much people are infatuated and excited by the prospect of new game announcements in Nintendo Directs, so they came up with a creative way for people to make their own dream presentation.

The entire project takes place on YouTube. You start by making your first choice: which Smash Bros. character reveal should your Direct open with, platforming icon Rayman or Super Mario RPG’s very own Geno?

You click your choice to move onto the next video, which will present you with two new choices, which will take you to another video where you’ll make even more choices.

After you’ve picked your four announcements, you can sit back and watch your very own Nintendo Direct unfold with fan-made trailers and everything. It looks very official!

At the end, you’ll be graded on how good your Direct was. Did it have a healthy combination of new games and nostalgia? Did it end with a memorable announcement? You’ll get a score out of 10.

There are 16 total outcomes for your presentation, so you’ll need to play more than once if you want to see all of the possible fan trailers. My first presentation scored a 9/10, so I’ll be sitting here waiting for Nintendo to call me to ask for help with their next official Direct.

Try it out for yourself. You can watch Switch Stop’s Nintendo Direct maker video below. If you have trouble with tapping the choices, it works best on a computer.

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