Differences across slot games types

There are many different types of slot games and the colourful adventures vary in theme. As you spin to win you will find worlds ranging in themes from ancient Greece, the Norse gods and old Egyptian pharaohs,  these ideas are like those of your favourite cartoons and classic movies.

Although slot games all share similar gameplay, there is still a difference in some dynamics of the games and the way they play out – try Rainbow Riches at Mega Reel.

Traditional slot games vs modern slot games

Traditional  slot games were invented by Charles Fey in 1894 and were played in house on machines that allowed you to insert your money in the form of coins to play. These slot machines became popular in bars and casinos and many enjoyed their time spinning. The concept was simple, match any of the 5 symbols in the 3 reels and you are victorious!

The first slot machines would only pay one line, however, these days your chances of winning are higher as slot games have multiple pay lines. So, if your able to understand the current games you could win with just two or three symbols from different lines. Since the internet has been around, players have taken to playing slot games online and traditional slot machines are not as commonly seen.

Progressive and local jackpots

There are two different types of jackpots you can play for when investing your time in slot games. Progressive jackpots are the ones with the highest earning but least likely chances of winning. By accumulating a large pot from a massive number of players, progressive jackpots can see payouts up into the millions. Something to be excited about if you think you are the lucky type. 

Local jackpots work the same way but with a smaller number of players. This means that when you spin your odds of winning are higher, but you are looking to take home less. Local jackpots are probably the better option for you if you are looking to play for longer periods of time and slowly earn winnings.

Difference in gameplay and graphic design

As mentioned before, slot games come with all different themes, whatever your favourite franchise is, you will see all types of stories that are sure to keep you captivated. Top developers have recently worked a lot of graphical updates for slot games and we are even seeing some move towards virtual reality to make the casino experience come to life. Go ahead and pick and choose the different fantasy adventures and spend some time enjoying the dense worlds that developers have created for your pleasure.

You will find when playing slot games that there is a difference in the number of reels and the  symbols  will change as you play on. This is something to get your head around when experimenting with varying slot games as it will make you a better player in the long run. The different reels and symbols are not what affects your chances of a win however, this depends on the RTP (return to player) and volatility of the games, something you should also investigate before playing.

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