Explained: The only way Man United can offload troublesome star

Manchester United star Paul Pogba could only ever fulfill his apparent desire to leave if certain factors play out in his favour.

The talented Frenchman was trending once more after parts of an interview he conducted for his country went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Pogba’s words are often mistranslated and it seems that was the case this time around, though fans are sick of it happening repeatedly anyway.

It’s believed the sensational academy product stated being with the international team is a breath of fresh air as he’s currently going through the most difficult period of his career.

However, after a long chain of inaccurate gossip, Pogba was attacked for apparently saying he’s not happy at United and wants to leave.

No club will spend €100m in today’s climate and market so it’s likely the only way Juventus will get Pogba is if they sell someone big to fund it or he refuses to sign a new deal and therefore forces the Red Devils to sell for cheap.

The former Juventus man has, whether fairly or unfairly, gotten a label as a troublesome player and many wish to see him leave even if it’s just purely to end all the speculation around him.

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