Ferrari admits “development of the 2022 race car is a priority”

With sixth place in the Manufacturers’ Championship in 2020, Ferrari achieved its worst result in 40 years. Only three podiums were scored this season, none of them victorious.

Not acceptable
Mattia Binotto, Ferrari’s team boss, is eager to leave this season behind. “Another season like 2020 would not be acceptable”, says the Italian at The ambitions for 2021 are much higher at Ferrari. Third place in the championship is the goal.

The sixth place in the championship accepts Ferrari with humility, says Mattia Binotto. “It’s clear – we’re not going to get better just because our name is Ferrari. We will become more competitive over time because every single person will put in more effort.”

Focus on 2022
Despite its ambitions, Ferrari’s focus is not directly on 2021. “2022 is more important than 2021, because then we move into a new era with different race cars. Then we have to be able to compete at the front. If in 2022 you already have to start the season with a gap, then in 2023 it will be even harder to close that gap. So the development of the 2022 race car is a priority for us.”

What will be new in 2021 is the engine. “I can confirm that the engine is running well on the dyno and I think in terms of performance we are making good progress compared to 2020. We also know what we need to improve on the chassis. All this gives me hope, but at the end of the day you never know where you stand – until the first comparison with the opponents on the track.”

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