‘Ferrari has the man to win, now they have to build a car up to the task” – Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi has been a longtime Formula 1 fan. Having even been involved, thanks to several tests (one more serious with Ferrari, then another ‘sponsored’ with Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton) and being linked in friendship to many of its protagonists, his opinion on the Circus is, as they say, well informed.

On Ferrari, for example, the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team rider has quite clear ideas: “I like Ferrari and I like Charles Leclerc, I think he is among the strongest drivers on the grid. Ferrari has the man to win, now in Maranello they have to build a car that is up to the task. Challenging Mercedes is a problem for everyone. But Ferrari must at least stay there, like Red Bull, to make life difficult for Mercedes.” – Valentino told Corriere della Sera.

In short, for him Ferrari must return to the top, where his friend Lewis Hamilton has instead installed himself: “We have been writing to each other, we have been talking often for years. I expect him to sign the contract. Winning with Hamilton for Mercedes is important, albeit expensive. The theme of money is always central. Millions have long tails.”

Another change between 2020 and 2021, in addition to his team change, took place in the winning team of the MotoGP championship on the rider side: Suzuki. Davide Brivio, after leading Joan Mir to win the title, has joined the Alpine team in Formula 1: Rossi will miss his figure in the paddock of the world championship, a point of view shared by other riders: “I’m sorry that be is no longer in MotoGp. He is a manager who has raised the general level and is a person I have always met with pleasure. I’m happy for him, anyway. I think it is a point of arrival for those who work as a manager.” – Valentino Rossi concluded.

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