Ferrari jokes towards Mercedes via social media

Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes are not engaged in battle on the track this season, due to the Maranello team’s poor results. However, if you want to look for some action between the two, their twitter handles will live up to your expectations.

Although Mercedes has never verbally taken a dig at the Prancing Horse, their twitter handle lights up like a Christmas tree every race weekend. Over the past few weeks, Mercedes have come down hard on the Italians. Finally, it was time to retaliate.

Mercedes AMG had replied to a fan with,” Ferrari is always behind Lewis.” Well, the Scuderia Ferrari did not let this slide. In a reply to Mercedes, the Italians established their supremacy outside the track.

“Dear Merc, true that sometimes Lewis has a Ferrari behind him, but from what we can see he also gets out of one every so often as well …” read the post with Lewis sitting back on the bonnet of his Ferrari LaFerrari.

Hamilton has a wide variety of cars, which also includes two dazzling Ferraris.

Well, hats off to the media manager. He knew where it would hurt the leaders and he aimed well.

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