Final Fantasy XIV Reveals Tons of Details & Screenshots About Update 6.1 “Newfound Adventure” & More

Today Square Enix hosted the 69th Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live broadcast, focusing on upcoming update 6.1.

As usual, producer and director Naoki Yoshida and global community producer Toshio Murouchi provided plenty of information, including following patches like 6.11, 6.15, and 6.18.

First of all, we get to see the key art and learn the title of the update, which will be “Newfound Adventure.” It will release in mid-April and the key art portrays the fact that the warrior of light is going back to being an adventurer.

First of all, a new chapter of the main scenario quest will begin.

New sidequests will also come including the “Tataru’s Grand Endeavor” chain.

An additional story quest will become available completing all of Endwalker’s role quests.

New Tribal Quests will come in patch 6.15, focusing on the Arkasodara. All the Beast Tribe quests will be renamed into Tribal Quests.

In 6.15 we’re also getting new Hildibrand quests,

We’re also getting “Omega: Beyond the Rift.” It’s still unknown in what sub-patch of the 6.1 series it’ll come. Its a quest that clarifies the connection between the Omega raids and Ultima Thule.

Previously announced improvements to the main scenario quest of A Realm Reborn will also come, alongside a new dungeon that is still a secret (the name would be a spoiler), and the extreme “The Endsinger Aria” trial.

“Ultima’s Bane” will be the new Unreal trial,

The new alliance raid is titled “Myths of the Realm #1” and below you can see a screenshot.

In patch 6.11 we’re also getting a new ultimate duty, Dragonsong Reprise. The experience will be different from previous ultimate raids. You can check out a few screenshots below.

Tweaks to jobs will come but they will be explained during the next broadcast.

The previously announced update to PvP will be part of update 6.1. It’ll include the new Crystalline Conflict and The Feast will go the way of the dodo.

Update 6.15 will bring a new custom deliveries client, Alphinaud and Alisae’s mother Ameliance.

Plots will open in the new housing wards in Ishgard.

“Adventurer Plates” which were previously defined as “calling cards” will be implemented, including customizable character portraits. There is a lot of room for customization but they weren’t ready to show today. You can have a different one for every job.

We also get to see a new UI system named the Unending Codex, a glossary of all characters and terms up to update 6.0.

Data Center Travel will come in update 6.18, alongside miscellaneous update like additions to New Game + which will include Endwalker and more, new hairstyles for hrothgar. We’re also getting more glamour plates (5 new ones bringing the total up to 20) and locations where they can be used, including every sanctuary.

The Glamor Dresser is being enlarged to 800 slots, but we’ll have to wait for 6.2 for that.

The ability to try on the outfits from the MogStation store will be added, so they can nickel and dime us even better. It’s called “Dreamfitting” and is available only when going to bed at an inn.

More miscellaneous updates include a new idle animation for parasols. Finally we’ll get a better search feature for items used to obtain minions, mounts, and orchestrion music, including a checkmark that tells you if you already have it.

We then get more details about the improvement to the A Realm Reborn main scenario quests. The Trust system is now called Duty Support System and “Trust” will refer to leveling up the characters themselves.

For now, it’ll apply only to 2.0 and will let you do main story dungeons and trials that require 4 players with NPCs instead of players if you so wish. Future patches will gradually introduce support for more dungeons.

Interesting some dungeons will already get a visual update to textures and lighting.

Below you can find the full list of supported dungeons as of 6.1.

Duties starting with Cape Westwind will undergo major tweaks, as described in the infographic below. This will also come with changes to the main scenario roulette.

Next, we take a look at the Data Center Travel system. It’ll allow players to visit servers within the same physical data center. Of course, some restrictions exist, similar to the World Visit system, plus a few more on chat.

Unlike the World Visit system, you’ll have to select travel at the character select screen.

We also hear about the expansion of the Japanese datacenter. You can find all the details in the following slides.

The traditional Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event tied to the Japanese Hinamatsuri celebration will start on March 14.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC. The upgrade to PS5 is offered free of charge to those who own the PS4 version. The Endwalker expansion has just been released a couple of months ago and you can read our recent review.

Recently the game ended up being so successful that Square Enix had to suspend sales in order to alleviate the congestion of the servers. Luckily, they were recently resumed following the improvement of the situation of the servers.

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