Former Ferrari boss on Hamilton matching Schumacher’s win record

Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Nurburgring moved him onto 91 career wins – level with all-time record holder and seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. Former Ferrari technical director and current Formula 1 Managing Director, Motorsport, Ross Brawn discusses the key talking points…

“Lewis drove an exemplary race in style, which has earned him an equal number of race wins to Michael Schumacher. It’s a remarkable achievement.

Michael always said that records are there to be broken, but I admit I didn’t expect to see this one broken so soon. And I can’t imagine Lewis is going to stop here. The way he’s going, he will raise the bar in the next few years to a level that will be astonishing.

His race today was relatively efficient and effective, almost methodical, though I know from the perspective of the pit wall and inside the cockpit, it would have been anything but methodical.

Michael was a driver who was very dramatic on track in many ways and had a very quiet persona away from the track. Lewis is almost the opposite – quiet but lethal in terms of delivery on track but his flamboyance comes out away from the track.

You couldn’t have two more different characters. Both have achieved an astonishing accomplishment.” – the former Ferrari boss concluded.

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