Granblue Fantasy Versus Reveals Avatar Belial DLC & Vira Gameplay With New Trailer

Today, during the celebrations for the second day of the Granblue Fantasy Fes, Cygames shared news about its fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus.

First of all, we take a look at Vira in action and we learn that she will be released as DLC on December 14.

Next comes Avatar Belial, who will also be added to the game on the same day.

A Legendary Edition will also be released on December 14 digitally and March 3 physically. It’ll include the game and all the characters from seasons 1 and 2.

With version 2.70 we’re also getting the introduction of Lunalu. She’s a random select character, so basically the playable character you get by selecting her changes with every round. She’s also voiced in the game.

That being said, the addition of Vira and Avatar Belial doesn’t mean that it’s the end of character DLCs. Players are being invited to vote for their favorite character to be added to the game. This obviously means that Cygames intends to add more.

You can check out the trailer below.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is currently available for PS4 and PC. If you want to read more about the game you can also read our semi-recent interview with Fukuhara-san alongside our review.

Speaking of the game’s DLC, you can enjoy a trailer focusing on Beelzebub and Narmaya, another showing off Zooey, one starring Soriz, one featuring Djeeta, another on Belial, one showing Cagliostro, and one focusing on Yuel.

If you’re eager to know more about Granlue Fantasy Relink, we heard that the game has been delayed to 2022 and will come to PS4 and PS5. We also got to see some really spectacular new gameplay and more images.

Incidentally, the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game is available for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers. If you want to give it a try, you can read my detailed guide on how to create an account, install the game, and play in English.

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