Grounded 0.6.0 Update Adds Bees, Mosquitos, and More

The 0.6.0 update is now available for all Grounded players and brings new bugs, bug-related items, and bug fixes to Obsidian Entertainment’s tiny survival game.

The update adds three new flying creatures following the bird last year with bees, fireflies, and mosquitos. These bugs drop materials when killed that can create weapons and other items like the three-piece Bee Armor Set, Firefly Head Lamp, Stinger Spear, Mosquito Needle, Weevil Shield, and consumable healing item Healbasa.

Players will also receive a new perk called Barbarian which increases club damage, though the update has slightly decreased the durability of bone weapons.

Quality of life features included in the patch are equipped items no longer take up space in the backpack, and players will be able to keep their equipped items after death. Each equipped item will receive a small amount of damage to durability after death.

The update also includes other slight fixes such as “Gnats will get happy after boops more consistently” and “Aphids will now face the correct direction when descending grass blades.” Check out the full list of fixes in the official patch notes.

Grounded is now available in Steam Early Access on PC and the Xbox Preview Program across Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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