Haas confirms talks with Ferrari to sign Mick Schumacher for 2021

In an interview for F1insider.com team principal of the Haas Formula One Team Günther Steiner said: “If we get drivers from F2, they will most likely be Ferrari drivers, because they are also strong. They are first and second in the championship. Shwartzman is 4 or 5. They are an option for us.”

Would you take Mick Schumacher?
Günther Steiner: “I would certainly not be against it!”

Where there any negotiations with Ferrari?
Günther Steiner: “We have not yet negotiated with Ferrari. We are talking about what is possible and what is not. But mainly with Ferrari and not with Mick. But Ferrari also has to look who is the best. They also had a test (Fiorano) two weeks ago. Ferrari evaluates this and not us. We talk with Ferrari what is possible but it is too early for negotiations. We are not doing that at the moment. Mick is leading the championship. Not just with a small lead but quite a pretty one too. But it is up to Ferrari to decide. We can only say who we want. But I don‘t know the contracts that Ferrari has with their juniors etc. I speak with many people. But I have to find out where we want to go and once we have decided, we sit down with the people who are interested in driving for us. I am talking to Mr. Mazepin, as much as I do with Nico and with Ferrari about Mick. There are many talks and we have to come to a decision soon. Because we need to announce to all the people whether we will keep the same drivers or not, also to prepare ourselves well for the future.”

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