How to Save Nick in The Quarry

Wondering how to save Nick in The Quarry? Chances are, you’ve come here because Nick’s fate looks pretty bleak from the early hours with the game, having been bitten by the monster after his intimate chat with Abi in the woods. In this guide, we’ll run you through all decisions you’ll need to take to keep Nick alive until the very end of The Quarry, so you can get the best ending.

After being bitten by the monster in Chapter 3, you may be thinking that it’s impossible to save Nick, but the important thing here is to know that there’s no way you can stop Nick from being bitten, and as such, there must be a way to keep him alive after the encounter.

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How to Keep Nick Alive in The Quarry

When this happens, make sure you choose to ‘Help Nick’ as Abi when given the chance to help him or run away. This will help prevent Nick’s injuries from being too bad.

Next, during Chapter 6, the two will have an intimate talk before Nick starts turning a little weird and will get very violent and agitated towards Abi. While it may seem counter-intuitive here, you need to ‘Shoot Nick’ to keep him alive. If you don’t, he’ll decapitate Abi, whereas if you do, he won’t be killed, he’ll just run off.

In Chapter 8, Laura and Ryan will be exploring the mines and cellars of the Hackett house and will find a werewolf in one of the cages here. Laura will ready the silver-loaded shotgun to shoot it, but you need to prevent her from doing so when you’re given the chance when in control of Ryan.

Letting Laura shoot the werewolf will kill Nick, and he’s in an electrified cage, so he’s not going to cause you any problems… for now.

Finally, in Chapter 10 when Kaitlyn and Dylan are running away from the monster in the lodge, you need to either kill it with the shotgun rounds given to you by Emma or Abi if you make the excursion to see what they’re banging about, or lock it in the freezer if you’re clever enough.

By shooting the monster, you’ll actually kill Caleb Hackett, but it will prevent your other counselors from being killed. If you lock it in the freezer, then later when Laura and Ryan kill the White Wolf, Caleb will be freed of the werewolf curse, but will die from cold in the freezer.

Either one of these options, however, will ultimately see you save Nick in The Quarry.

That’s everything you need to know on how to save Nick in The Quarry. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our other The Quarry guides and coverage below. You can also check out our full The Quarry review, as well as guides on how to get the bad ending and how to get the best ending and save everyone.

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