“I will always remain a Ferrari fan even if we are rivals in the future” – Sebastian Vettel

Ferrari red, RP pink, or AM green, what is the color of your mood?
Sebastian Vettel: “White in the sense that I can’t define my mood with a color. I know some chances have been missed, but there are still few races to do as well as possible, and then another story awaits me.”

You sound like an emotional type but is this a rational answer..
Seb: “But I’m rational. I like to be glued to the facts. However, I feel emotional when a story comes to an end. I have always been in love with Ferrari, with whom I had a very special experience. I don’t like to look back but after this chapter I will tend to do it a little more.”

So being a Ferrari fan for life is not just a slogan.
Seb: “For me it’s a real thing. I was a Ferrari fan as a child, I am today. it will remain so in the future even if we are rivals/opponents. In 2017, the car was great. It is my favorite Ferrari. The engine was missing a bit in qualifying but we were often ahead of Mercedes. There have been ups and downs but I keep everything in the balance sheet and do not deny anything. I always give 100{3851c0879557ceb6c70cddb6630c7df9a9750acfd53fffec21979e603af26faa}, even in difficult moments like this. Every year, in every race, I have learned something. Then there were special seasons like 2015: the team was all new, my debut in red, first GP and was on the podium, second GP and I won. If I had to reduce it to the numbers of titles, I would say yes, we failed because we didn’t win the world title. But I have lived wonderful moments at Ferrari. I met beautiful people, true friends, and in some ways this is the most important thing.”

What will you take with you from your time at Ferrari (even materially)?
Seb: “The most beautiful object remains the Vespa (Vettel 5) that the mechanics made for me as a welcome gift in 2015. An unforgettable surprise, a precious gesture.”

How close have you been to retiring after Ferrari didn‘t renew the contract?
Seb: “Very close and it was a possibility that I have seriously considered. But I felt that I still have more to give in F1, so I accepted the Aston Martin offer.”

Did you expect such a growth from Charles Leclerc?
Seb: “Charles manages to bring the most out of this car, but there has not been a huge leap in quality this year: he has always been very strong, already with Sauber!”

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