Live-Action Fallout TV Series Casts Walton Goggins in a Main Role

War may never change, but franchises often do, and Bethesda’s award-winning post-apocalyptic RPG is undergoing a pretty big one as it makes its transition from video game to the small screen. Yes, the world of Fallout is receiving its very own Amazon TV adaptation and while details remain pretty scarce about the project, we now know who one of the main stars will be.

That’s right, according to a recent report from Variety, Predators and Sons of Anarchy actor Walton Goggins has signed on to “play a character based on the ghouls from the games.” For those unaware, ghouls are the end result of a human who’s been bombarded by a bit too much radiation leading them to appear burnt and crispy like an overcooked cranberry cobbler.

Image Credit: EW

In other words, it’s likely that Goggins will look very differently to the way we’re used to seeing him in other films and TV shows by virtue of the special effects and makeup he’ll potentially have to undergo.

Elsewhere, we do know that Westworld’s Jonathan Nolan has been tapped to helm the project, with Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who worked on the Tomb Raider film reboot starring Alicia Vikander, and Graham Wagner, who has previously worked on shows like The Office and Silicon Valley.

While there’s currently no firm release date for Amazon’s Fallout TV series, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as we learn more. In the meantime, what say you? Are you excited for a Fallout TV show? Or will you be avoiding it like an irradiated super mutant? Grab your Pip-boys and let us know in the usual place below.

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