Lost Judgment for PS5, Xbox Series X & More Gets New Videos Introducing Two Characters & Their Actors

Today Sega released two new videos of its upcoming game Lost Judgment, focusing on two characters and the actors who play them.

The first video introduces Kazuya Soma, played by Hiroshi Tamaki. He is the leader of the “hangure” (gangs that usually fill the gaps left by the yakuza) gang “RK” that is aiming to take control of Kamurocho.

The city has been stuck in a power vacuum after the fall of the Tojo Clan years ago, and Soma’s RK gang has already made a name for itself in the battle for control of the underworld. Soma himself used to be a member of the Tojo Clan and a candidate for leadership.

The second video introduces Akihiro Ehara, played by Ken Mitsuishi. He used to be an active police officer, but he was caught red-handed for molesting a man on a train and he was arrested on a platform of Shinjuku Station while trying to run away.

His rampaging reaction during the arrest was widely reported setting the public opinion on fire. After two months in court, he was found guilty. Yet, he laughed at the judge while talking about a decomposing body that was found in Yokohama.

The body belonged to a man who had driven Ehara’s son to suicide and “deserved to die.” The murder happened on the very day in which Ehara was arrested. As a result, he had a strong motive for the murder, but his own arrest proved his alibi.

You can watch both videos below.

Lost Judgment releases globally on Sept. 24 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, & Xbox One.

Both English and Japanese options will be available for voice-overs, while subtitles will be English (two options), Italian, French, German, and Spanish.

If you’d like to learn more, you can enjoy the original announcement, the first screenshots and details, and the first videos of this series introducing the characters and actors.

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