New Halloween Event & More Coming To Pokemon GO Next Month

Earlier today, Niantic revealed a large chunk of their plans for October in Pokemon GO. We got details about the new Halloween event, a fashion-themed event, legendary raid bosses, spotlight hours, and the next Research Breakthrough featured Pokemon.

The first part that Pokemon GO trainers will get to experience is the change of the Research Breakthrough Pokemon. If you want to get an Alolan Raichu, then you only have until 1 PM PT on Oct. 1. Then the Bug/Ghost Pokemon, Shedinja, will be featured for the month of October.

It’s not useful in PvP or PvE, but it’s extremely rare. If you don’t have one in your Hoenn Pokedex yet, then you’ll want to do those daily research tasks to get the Research Breakthrough.

There will also be a rotating trio of legendary raids starting on Sept. 25 and ending on Oct. 23. It will start with Zapados for one week, change to Moltres for the second one, and wrap up Origin Forme Giratina. You can check out the full breakdown below.

Legendary Raid Boss Date (all times 1 PM PT)
Zapdos Sept. 25 – Oct. 2
Moltres Oct. 2 – Oct. 9
Origin Forme Giratina Oct. 9 – Oct 23

The Spotlight Pokemon for October are half Pikachu and half Ghost-types. There’s nothing too intriguing here since none of these Pokemon are competitively viable or evolve into something better. All of these Spotlight hours will take place from 6 PM to 7 PM local time each Tuesday.

Featured Pokemon Date Bonus
World Cap Pikachu Oct. 6 2x Catch XP
Original Cap Pikachu Oct. 13 2x Catch Candy
Shuppet Oct. 20 2x Transfer Candy
Duskull Oct. 27 2x Evolution XP

Coming up in a few weekends is a Limited Time Research featuring Alolan Meowth. You’ll also be able to catch Kantonian and Galarian Meowth during the event that takes place on Oct. 10 8 AM to 10 PM local time. And save up your coins for that weekend so you can pick up a special box featuring Incense, Pinap Berries, and Lucky Eggs.

Finally, we’ve made it to the events in the month of October. The first one will be a fashion-themed collaboration event with Longchamp that runs from Oct 2. at 8 AM PT to Oct. 8 at 10 PM PT. You can find more details about it here.

It appears that Niantic has a pretty busy schedule of events planned for October in Pokemon GO.

October has a lot more in store! For Halloween, you can expect new avatar items, a Halloween-themed cup for GO Battle League Season 4, and the annual Halloween event! There’ll also be an event celebrating Niantic’s anniversary and the changing of seasons.

That’s all Niantic gave us today, but as soon as more details come out about the October events, we’ll be sure to report on them immediately. If you want to check out the official post about Niantic’s plans for Pokemon GO in October, you can find it right here.

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