‘New upgrades from Ferrari are going to help Vettel’ – report

Scuderia Ferrari needs to catch up enormously by 2020. In 2019, they were still fighting for victories, and in 2020, they are mainly fighting for points. In recent weeks, more and more upgrades are coming in to improve the car, and upgrades are also expected at the Nurburgring.

Auto, Motor und Sport. The German news site sees that the Italians have already brought some upgrades towards Sochi and they expect Ferrari to bring some upgrades towards the Nürburgring as well. The most important changes to come should ensure that Charles Leclerc’s and Sebastian Vettel’s car will have more downforce at the rear.

For example, a new floor is expected to be ready for the circuit in Germany. Binotto has indicated to AMuS that if the upgrades give the same data as in the wind tunnel, the focus will be on the diffuser. There is still a lot of potential in this and it will also provide more downforce around the back of the car.

This is where the focus is now, because the problems at Ferrari were mainly there. As a result, they drove with very little downforce at the front, so that the car was still somewhat in balance. Thanks to the new upgrades at the rear of the car, Ferrari’s car can get through corners faster again, which will give Vettel confidence and speed in particular.

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