Olav Mol explains ‘Ferrari – FIA agreement is not what everyone thinks’

Olav Mol, commentator at Ziggo Sport, finds the downfall at Ferrari very painful. He does say that the agreement made with the FIA is not what everyone thinks.

In a big interview with Motorsport.com Mol talks about how he thinks Ferrari’s deal with the motorsport federation works. “What we should not forget is that the deal they made with the FIA has less to do with illegality than we might think or hope. There was something on it and that was intellectual property, in other words that was protected. They could not have that made public because otherwise… Well done. That is why they agreed that with the FIA.”

“That agreement had a very big impact”, Mol continues. “If you still think in the aerodynamics department that you can continue to drive with the same downforce with significantly less power, then you are in trouble. It’s also a bit of a Ferrari’s thing, because if it was only because of that engine, Ferrari would still be driving for Haas and Alfa Romeo. But that is not always the case anymore. The others are also in a bad way, but a fraction less bad than with Ferrari”.

“I continue to think that the most extraordinary thing is that it already surfaced in the winter tests. People said: ‘Something is not right there. That car is not good, it is not going fast enough’. You can look at lap times, but I prefer to forget them in the tests. But the other teams also saw through all sorts of technical gadgets that that car just didn’t go. If you’re a Ferrari fan you’re not in the best period of your life right now”, concludes the 58-year-old commentator.

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