“One of the best in history”: Luis Enrique honours Barcelona midfielder with high praise

Luis Enrique is an avid supporter of FC Barcelona. Such comes from his time as a player and as a manager when he led them to the illustrious treble. The Spaniard is leading one of the best Spanish sides of the last decade. This is largely thanks to his style of play, el Juego de posición, or in English, positional play.

Only a small number of players are fit for this style. That is because it is very demanding on the players themselves. Every task has to be executed to perfection, and as such only, the best of the best can play in Enrique’s squad.

One such player is Barcelona veteran Sergio Busquets. Enrique did not hold back his support for his midfielder in a recent interview. He said: “There is no doubt that Busquets is one of the best midfielders in history. At least for me.”

‘Busi’, as he is more colloquially known, is easily one of the best holding midfielders ever to grace the beautiful game. A lot about what he does is aesthetic to the eye. He is the living, breathing example of Johan Cruyff’s words, that simple football is the hardest thing there is. He makes seem simple some of the hardest things in the beautiful game.

For over a decade, despite his relevance in the team, Busquets has gone largely under the radar. His best work has never been in goals, a rare one of which he scored last weekend, nor in assists, of which he got five last season.

His timing, patience, passing, and game intelligence are the hallmarks of his play. While he isn’t the flashiest, perfection in his work cannot be understated.

Given the state of Barcelona’s coaching in the past few years, barely anyone extracted the best out of him. Quique Setien revived him somewhat. Ronald Koeman, through his 3-5-2, rejuvenated him. But it is with Enrique’s Spain that Busquets is at his individual best right now.

Every performance with him donning the red of Spain is worth savouring. If Enrique believes Busquets is one of the best in history, then he ensures he is at his optimal best on matchday. A happy Busquets makes every cog in the Spanish machine function. The hope is that more people will see Busquets for what he truly is worth. 

Source: SeFutbol Twitter

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