Pirelli pinpoint chance of major change for F1 tyres

There are many complaints about the current tyres, especially from drivers. According to them, it is difficult to get them up to the right working temperature and they wear them out too quickly. For the time being, however, they are stuck with them because a tyre that Pirelli had originally developed for 2020 was rejected by them last year.

The first opportunity for change will therefore only be in 2022, when the new 18-inch wheels are introduced together with the new aerodynamic regulations. It will give Pirelli the opportunity to make improvements, but then tests will have to be carried out. Certainly in view of the relative unknowns of the consequences of the new aerodynamics.

Pirelli learns from Formula 2
“On paper, [less downforce] means that the tyres are subject to less energy. This makes our lives a little easier, but we run the risk that the compounds are too soft because we underestimate the downward pressure. Or that we overestimate it and the tyres are too hard”.

That’s what Mario Isola of Pirelli says to Auto Motor und Sport. He therefore wants a lot to be tested with the new tyres in 2021. It is also important that Pirelli can test how the tyres behave in traffic. Due to the lower amount of downward pressure, the cars would be able to follow each other much more easily. Until then, Pirelli will use the data it receives from Formula 2.

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