Premier League outfit shows interest in Barcelona’s Coutinho; first bid placed

For a team that’s touted to go through a massive squad overhaul in the summer, Barcelona have numerous problematic pieces in their squad. These players are bound to become a problem while offloading because of one reason or another. Topping this list is Philippe Coutinho. 

Coutinho is not, and will not be easy to sell. He’s on heavy wages, has been subpar more often than not through his Barcelona career, gets injured frequently, and only fits certain clubs given his tactical profile. One of those clubs, however, has come calling as Mundo Deportivo report Leicester City’s interest in the Brazilian. 

Leicester not only use a no. 10 — James Madisson — in their team; their coach, Brendan Rodgers worked with Coutinho during this time at Liverpool. It was during that time that the 29-year-old probably enjoyed the finer moments of his career. 

The concern in this deal, however, remains the transfer fee. Barça bought Coutinho for a price upwards of €120 million, and will have to think twice about how much loss they are prepared to endure. 

Leicester have reportedly offered €20 million for the midfielder. In a different case, they have also inquired about a loan plus purchase deal, like the one Bayern Munich had with Coutinho. 

As it stands, the Catalan giants owe €40 million in debt to Liverpool for Coutinho’s move. Consequently, they will be hoping to not only depart with him, but make a margin of money that will, at least, help them pay back their dues.

Barça Universal’s take

For Leicester, this seems like a move out of the ordinary. They have established themselves as a well run club that scouts excessively before completing transfers. 

Signing Coutinho when you have a burgeoning Madisson at the club seems like a poorly-thought out move, especially when you consider the significant baggage of wages he comes with. 

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