Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have opposing views over two-day weekend

Scuderia Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have offered opposing views on whether Formula 1 should switch to a two-day weekend format.

The Eifel Grand Prix weekend offered a glimpse of a change F1 has been mulling over for some time, with any thoughts on the matter likely to be clarified with the upcoming race at Imola which runs over two days for logistical reasons.

After both of Friday’s practice sessions at the Nürburgring were fogged off, leaving only Saturday’s hour-long run for preparation ahead of qualifying, Charles Leclerc “enjoyed” how it played out.

“To only have one free practice and go straight to quali, I quite like it,” said Charles – “It is enough. We don’t actually need three free practices to get ready for quali so I was pretty happy.”

Given his more extensive experience, Sebastian Vettel can see the benefits of the additional Friday practice sessions to ensure all bases are covered ahead of qualifying and a race: It doesn’t change too much for us [drivers] but it does change the work with the engineers,” said Vettel. “You don’t have the chance to work on the car or the set-up. You can have one, two or three sets of tyres and try to go through those to see how they feel on the car, but with the limited time [of just one practice] you don’t have the time to try different things, so it puts more emphasis on the work you do before the event starts. You’re missing the overnight [on Friday]. Obviously, over Saturday night the cars are frozen for the race so you don’t get the engineering power or effort.”

From a fan’s perspective, Sebastian Vettel added: “On Friday, there is no point for people to come and less of a programme for the weekend.” – the German driver concluded.

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