‘Sebastian Vettel’s driving style does not fit hybrid engines’, F1 expert explains

Anthony Davidson is a highly respected endurance driver and has been praised for his skills as a test driver throughout his career. On a technical level, he is one of the most informed people on the market, thanks to his role as commentator and presence at the circuits for Sky Sports, his palmares (WEC champion) and above all his 24 Grand Prix races held in Formula 1. Followed by years and years of testing.

According to the British driver, a champion may not be able to adapt to specific cars and prove his worth regardless of the mechanical means. In particular, he cites two striking examples: Sebastian Vettel and Takuma Sato, two drivers who have achieved enormous satisfaction in their careers but who have had rather evident moments of crisis. “Let’s look at today’s Vettel: the modern driving style with hybrid cars clearly doesn’t fit him. While he was at the highest level with blown diffusers and lighter cars. Sato wasn’t particularly comfortable in the V10 era, but as soon as he switched to V8s he immediately improved because he knew how to extract his great cornering ability from the cars. In fact, in F3 he was almost unbeatable because he went fast but with a remarkable driving cleanliness. Takuma has always been a tough driver to beat, determined, fierce. – Anthony Davidson explained for Motorsport News magazine.

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