'Such a difficult period'?: Examining Pogba's words after latest suggestive interview

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has not endeared himself to fans after admitting he’s going through the most difficult period of his career right now but it seems there’s some context missing.

The talented midfielder is with his international team at the moment and he certainly appears happy whenever he’s on duty.

Pogba has endured a tough start to the season and has often been used as a substitute rather than starting in comparison to the past.

The French playmaker has question marks surrounding him and his future once more and it’s certainly a topic supporters are sick of hearing about.

Pogba’s form has been so poor and the air of uncertainty around him has even seen calls for him to be sold grow louder and louder.

According to the Tweet above, Pogba says: “I had never known such a difficult period in my career. The France team is a breath of fresh air, the group is exceptional, it’s magic.”

RTL’s head of football in the Tweet then clears the message up, insisting: “Precision for MU supporters. At no time does he denigrate his club but just notes that he is in difficulty and must find consistency in his performance.”

Taken out of context it would seem Pogba is saying he’s enjoying his time with France more than Manchester United but it’s more likely he’s saying the change of atmosphere has been good for him.

If the World Cup winner can regain form for his international team and carry that form into his club performances then everyone would welcome it.

However, Pogba’s words, or at least those who convey them, need to be more carefully used as it’s often used as a stick to beat him with.

The former Juventus man is no saint and has often said things that were meant to stir the pot but one can’t assume that’s always the case and will always be the case just because it’s happened in the past.

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