Super Robot Wars Series Has Shipped Over 19 Million Units

Today Bandai Namco announced with a press release that the recent launch of Super Robot Wars 30 has pushed the series beyond a sales milestone.

The whole franchise has passed 19 million units shipped (physically and digitally) worldwide since its debut in 1991 across 90 SKUs.

Being a crossover franchise bringing together many mecha series, it has hosted over 274 different IPs in its history. This is the largest number of IPs ever included in a JRPG series.

Super Robot Wars 30 launched on October 28 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, even if the west received only the PC version. That being said, you can still import it from South East Asia if you prefer playing on consoles with English subtitles.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read the official description below and check out the latest trailer in English.

“30 years on, the battle for our world’s future continues.

Super Robot Wars is a tactical RPG that brings characters and robots from a variety of mecha anime together to battle their mutual foes.

Players follow characters through adventure and battle. Take control of giant robots on a battle map, commanding them to defeat their enemies.

The battle switches between ally and enemy phases. Once the player has moved and attacked with their robots, the enemy takes their turn. When all enemies have been defeated, the game proceeds to an Intermission.

During Intermission, the player can use resources earned in battle to train pilots, upgrade robots, and earn bonuses for their army. They then can proceed to the next chapter of the adventure.

In Super Robot Wars, players can enjoy a unique experience that combines all-star mecha series crossovers, action-packed attack animations, and the chance to upgrade your favorite machines and pilots.”

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