Chess In The Arts And Literature

Your club’s Match Play or Membership Championship is developing, so how do you get your recreation in form? Chicken’s Defense is a fun and counterintuitive variation, as black not only moves the same piece twice (knight to c6 and then to d4), however they also invite white to damage their pawn construction with four.Nxd4 – white’s primary response. Chook’s Defense is sound for black and might even be a little bit difficult for white if white is inexperienced. Then once more, black often struggles if white knows what they’re doing, which is why this defense is unusual, each typically and at the highest degree. Once more, this is yet another opening variation that I plan to jot down about from white’s perspective. I am positive you’ve heard of Harry Potter in some capability. It’s a media phenomenon, little doubt, but fans have been starved for good games that permit them … Read the rest