Transfers: First contact between Barcelona and Leipzig for €25 million-rated midfielder

Ilaix Moriba was a young man foreseen to have a great future ahead of him in the Garnet and Blue of Barcelona. Despite this, the 18-year-old has shown a great deal of stubbornness in regards to his contract. Now he finds himself much more out of the club than he is in it.

According to a journalist from Mundo Deportivo, Ferran Martínez, there are developments in his future. He stated that there is now contact between Barça and Red Bull Leipzig, as the Catalan club know that their German counterparts are interested in signing Moriba.

He further stated that all Joan Laporta and the rest of Barcelona are waiting for is an offer to arrive from Die Rotten Bullen so as to open negotiations. According to Laporta, this is something that will benefit all parties involved.

Barcelona’s asking price, one of €15 Million with €5-10 million in add-ons, is easily affordable to the German outfit.

Journalists Mireia Vera and Sergi Sole, both closely affiliated with Barcelona, were firm in saying that Koeman had set ideas in plan for Moriba this season.

The Dutch coach intended to use him in a more prominent role than he did last season, that he was his “personal bet”, but that he is equally disappointed in the management of his situation. His environment did not advise him well, getting him to this position.

Laporta had given Ilaix an ultimatum, which was either that he would leave the club or extend his contract. Having played just fourteen matches in the Blaugrana jersey, he was expected to extend his contract easily, but lost touch with everyone at the club, with his preference for a higher salary not coinciding with Barcelona’s desire to cut the wage bill.

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