War of the Visions Sees the Return of Porcelain Tower this Week, Along with Anima Vision Card

After a whole slew of non-stop collaborations, War of the Visions is finally having a few quiet weeks until the collabs start up again at the end of June with Final Fantasy X. This week, we’ll be getting another PvE event in the form of the Porcelain Tower.

It functions similarly to tower modes in other gacha games, where you’re simply tasked with embarking with a party that meets the embark conditions and trying to clear as many floors as possible for rewards. This week’s Porcelain Tower update goes all the way up to floor 70, where players can earn the Thunder Ring accessory.

In addition to that, we’ll also see the release of a new Wind MR unit Cyrelle. She can’t be pulled from the gacha system, but players can play through the new Cyrelle Acquisition Quests to obtain her. We didn’t get a ton of details about her kit, but we did get a glimpse at one of her moves:

  • Twisting Shieldbreaker: Destroys any barrier that reduces Phys Dmg on target, then deals Dmg (L) to targets within range.

We’re also seeing the release of a new UR Vision Card this week, called Darkness Enchanted, Anima. Here’s a rundown of the party buffs:

  • Party Ability: Slash Attack Res Piercing Rate Up/Dark Attack Up/Unit Attack Res Up
  • Limited Bestowed Effects: Dark Attack Up/Slash Attack Up/Max HP Up

This Vision Card also comes with Anima as an Esper that you can bring into battle, and it’s definitely a good card to look out for if you play a lot of Dark units.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is now available on mobile devices.

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