6 Anime Characters Who Are Way Too OP for Their Universes

One of the best parts about anime is getting to see a bunch of powerful characters pull off moves and abilities that are way too exaggerated to ever happen in the real world. Yet, even then, there are some anime characters that exist in the genre that are so overpowered for their respective worlds that it’s kind of unfair.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of six anime characters who are way too OP for their universes. Be sure to leave any of the ones we didn’t cover, as well as any feedback, in the comments section at the bottom.

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Saitama – One Punch Man

Anime Characters Who Are Way Too OP

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When One Punch Man’s anime debuted in 2015, it was all anyone could talk about, even attracting a lot of mainstream attention from non-anime fans. All of that was thanks to its interesting and heavily satirical premise. 

This anime follows Saitama, an ordinary businessman who one day decides he wants to become a part-time superhero. After committing to a strict workout regiment, he soon finds success as a hero, vanquishing his foes with ease. 

In fact, he vanquishes them too easily. Every time he throws a punch, Saitama completely obliterates his opponents.

It doesn’t matter if they’re taller than a skyscraper or look like they could you someone in half, he is able to beat them in just one punch every time. This frustrates him to no end, as it means he has nothing to work towards since it all came so easy. 

So far in the anime, we’ve yet to see anything challenge this insanely overpowered protagonist, as even the final boss of season 1, Boros, was only able to handle one serious punch from Saitama before losing. Here is to hoping someone will finally be able to give him a worthy fight, as this character is so OP that he finds his life boring.

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