6 Things to Do First on Your Xbox Series X

So, today’s the day your Xbox Series X (or Series S) arrived. It’s the beginning of a whole new console generation, and you’ll want to make sure you get yourself off on the right foot. To give you a helping hand doing exactly that, we’ve compiled a quick checklist of things to do first on your Xbox Series X.

Get the Xbox App Downloaded & Set Up

This is more of a pre-cursor than something you’ll need to do on your Xbox Series X itself, but it’ll help you streamline the console’s set-up process and have you playing games even faster. Go ahead and download the Xbox app from the iOS or Google Play Store. Make sure you sign in with your Xbox Live account details,

Once you’ve connected up your Xbox Series X and turned it on, you can then use the Xbox App to streamline the set-up process. No using the on-screen keyboard on your Series X to painstakingly enter your email and password, the app does all the legwork for you.

If you’ve already got this set up and use it regularly with your Xbox One, you might need to dive into the app’s settings to unregister your One and register the Series X, but it’s all straightforward and easy to do.

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