7 Most Underrated Main Characters in Gaming

There are some characters that reach such an astoundingly high level of popularity, that they become icons of the industry. Mario, Sonic, Link, Master Chief, and Kratos are amongst some of theses legendary figures, but what about the more underrated video game characters?

This one goes out to all of gaming’s best, and most slept on main characters.

Wei Shen – Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen is the protagonist of Sleeping Dogs, a lesser-known open-world third-person title with similar gameplay to the Grand Theft Auto series.

Wei is an undercover officer returning to his hometown in Hong Kong in order to infiltrate the local gang scene, the Triads.

While Wei is great at his job, he quickly realizes that returning to his roots to try and take down his friends and family from the inside, isn’t as easy as it seems.

Wei’s journey is complicated, deep, and at times, extremely emotional –and at the center of it all is the well-rounded, empathetic, and strong character of Wei Chen.

Wei doesn’t get the love he deserves, at least, not when compared to protagonists of other titles in the genre like Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ C.J.

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