Apex Legends Aftermarket Patch Buffs Pathfinder, Adds Caustic Heirloom

Respawn recently revealed that a new event is coming to Apex Legends this week. The Aftermarket Collection event starts tomorrow, Oct. 5, alongside the Flashpoint LTM and the crossplay beta. Today, they’ve shared the patch notes for tomorrow’s Apex Legends update.

The patch notes go over everything you’ll need to know about the Aftermarket Collection update, including buffs, nerfs, and other gameplay adjustments.

The most notable Legend changes are for Bloodhound, Wraith, and Pathfinder. Bloodhound’s Tactical now has an eight-second cooldown during their Ultimate, and Wraith has new running animations that correct issues that used to make her harder to hit.

Pathfinder mains will really appreciate these Apex Legends patch notes. His Tactical cooldown now directly correlates to the distance that he zips. Basically, if you zip/grapple into a faceplant by accident, your cooldown will be shorter. The 35-second cooldown still applies to longer grapples, though.

Additionally, Crypto’s drone can now open the vault if he has the key, and Loba’s Tactical and Ultimate have a greatly extended range.

New heirlooms often get added in these kinds of events. This time, Caustic is the lucky winner with a Death Hammer heirloom. You’ll be able to claim it if you collect all 24 rewards from the Aftermarket Collection event.

You can check out this dev stream to see the team go into a bit more detail on the upcoming Apex Legends patch:

Read up on the official patch notes to see the full list of quality of life changes and bug fixes coming to Apex Legends tomorrow.

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