Better with than without: Surprise Man United star bumps up squad's win percentage

Manchester United fans have long felt Eric Bailly adds something to the starting XI that is otherwise missing and it seems they were right to think so.

The Ivorian international has been in the form of his career and, at least for now, seems to have cemented a place in the first eleven.

Fans have wanted Bailly to become a top centre-back for the club for what seems several seasons now but unfortunately, his many injuries held him back.

The former Villareal man was first brought in under Jose Mourinho’s management but his constant absences meant he wasn’t someone who could be reliably picked for selection.

However, this season, Bailly has seemingly shrugged off his knocks and has been fit for the longest period in recent memory.

On the face of it, United are a more solid team when Bailly plays and while that jump in win percentage may not seem much, it is actually a massive decision all things considered.

The majority of fans feel the tenacious defender and Harry Maguire partnership is the best option at the club at the moment.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appears to agree, at least for the time being and so it’s likely it will continue for as long as both players are available for selection.

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