Carlos Sainz hopes 2022 regulations will help drivers determine race results

Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has said he hoped the 2022 regulations will allow drivers to make the difference and reduce the gaps between teams.

Last year saw one of the closest midfield battles in recent memory with McLaren, Racing Point and Renault battling for third in the constructors’ championship from start to finish. But despite this, Mercedes dominated at the front, winning 13 of 17 races and securing 15 or 17 pole positions.

The 2022 regulations have been designed to allow cars to follow more easily with a large focus on cleaning up the dirty air caused by the numerous appendages currently seen on Formula 1 cars.

Asked what he expects from the regulation changes that will come into force next year, he explained: “I think it all depends on how close the teams are from each other. Everyone is expecting the cars to be slower at the beginning and then to develop as the years go on so you don’t really know how much in front some teams will be from the others.

“I wish Formula 1 will allow the driver to create a bit more of a difference. How do we achieve that? It is not for me to decide. I am not here to decide rules, to set a rule book or anything like that, I am here to compete, to try to be the best driver I can be. When you arrive in Formula 1 you soon realise it is very difficult to beat the guy who is in a car three-tenths quicker than you. You are fighting with the last few tenths with your team-mate but as has been the case with my team-mates, you can be two-tenths up or down. But then someone out-qualifies you by one-point-five seconds, you are not really competing with them you know. I wish that we can close the grid up together.” – he explained.

Carlos Sainz played a significant role in helping McLaren secure third in the constructors’ standings last year and added he is a fan of the new regulations.

“FOM, Liberty has done a good job with the 2022 regulations. They have given [closer racing] a chance so hopefully that happens and the sport becomes a bit more human dependent in terms of driving and less machinery dependent because I think the sport can be a lot closer, a lot more fun which brings a greater audience and will be better for everyone.”

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