Castlevania-Inspired Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony for Nintendo Switch & PC Shows Gameplay in New Trailer

Publisher CFK and developer Frontier Aja released a new trailer of the upcoming Touhou Project game Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony.

The game is a remaster for PC and Nintendo Switch of the legendary doujin game Koumajou Densetsu: Akeiro no Koukyoukyoku, also known as “Touhouvania” among the fans, which was originally released on Windows PC at Comiket 76 all the way back in 2009.

It’s coming on July 28 including an English localization, and the new trailer released today showcased the gameplay.

You can check it out below, alongside an official description.

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony has been loved by many gamers since its initial release, highly praised for its quality gameplay and soundtrack as well as Banpai Akira’s sharp and gothic reinterpretation of Touhou characters.

The legendary 2009 title comes back with HD remastered graphics, newly added dialogues, and English language support. Fans of the original game and Touhou Project can’t also miss full Japanese voice over that will be added in the new versions.

Gensokyo faces sudden disturbance as 「Scarlet Mist」 spreads once again.To Reimu Hakurei, this peculiar phenomenon resembled something familiar.

‘Is this that vampire’s doing?’, she thought to herself.

There was only one choice: head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion,
and find out the true cause of the disturbance.

……but this time, the way to the mansion was a little different from usual.
Colorful dialogues between Touhou characters
The player becomes Reimu Hakurei and sets out to find the true cause of the Scarlet Mist. On the way to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, they will interact with various Touhou characters in a number of intense bullet hell battles.

Reimu’s Weapons
The player will fight their way to the cause of the disturbance using right weapons in right situations. Reimu has 「Purification Wand」 for close combat, and 「Ofuda」 for attacking flying enemies. She herself can fly, too.

Marisa and Cirno join the party!
Marisa Kirisame and Cirno join Reimu in her adventure, supporting her with their own partner attacks. The player can summon them at the cost of Souls. To lead the battle to victory, they need to decide carefully when to call for the partner’s help.

Survive the Touhou-style bullet hell!
Playing as Reimu Hakurei, the player will encounter and fight Touhou characters such as Hong Meiling, Sakuya Izayoi, and Alice Margatroid. The residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion will corner the player with fierce bullet hell patterns.

And behind all of them stands the vampire Reimu is looking for……!

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