Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Sage Job Icon Changed To Avoid Triggering Trypophobia

Today Square Enix announced that the previously-showcased job icon for the new Sage job in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker has been changed.

Apparently, the old design (which you can find here, at your own risk in cause you’re affected) was found disturbing by users affected by Trypophobia, which is the aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps.

Today we learn directly from producer and director Naoki Yoshida that the design has been changed to what you can see above.

Below you can read the full message:

Regarding the Sage Job Icon

Now then, I’d like to share some news regarding the icon for the new sage job, which was recently revealed on the Endwalker special site.

When we released new details for sage and reaper on the special site, we also included their icons, not thinking that they were particularly

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Mecha Strategy JRPG Relayer for PS5 & PS4 Introduces Akeboshi; More Progression Details Shared

Today Kadokawa Games had more assets, and information to share about its upcoming strategy simulation JRPG Relayer.

First of all, we meet Genjiro Akeboshi, nicknamed the “Meisei Maintenance Manager” due to his old-fashioned ways. He’s responsible of the maintenance of the Stella Gear mecha on the Asterism. His skills are top-notch but he can be either quite harsh or kind with his team and his granddaughter venus.

We also get a video featuring his voice actor, Hideki Kojima, as he introduces himself to the fan.

On top of that, we get more information about progression. By unlocking stars on the starboard, which is basically a skill tree based on a character’s job, you can actually unlock not only skills but also passive perks like “HP+10.”

That being said, a perk that grants additional job points won’t be implemented. It was a point of contention in the developers’ previous game God … Read the rest

Lost Judgment Gets Tons of Screenshots Showing Minigames, Play Spots, Features, & a Good Boi

Today Sega released a massive gallery of screenshots of the upcoming action game Lost Judgment, sequel of the popular Yakuza spin-off Judgment.

We start with more clubs within the School Drama part of the game, and specifically with the Boxing Club, which Yagami will join in order to investigate one of the students. There he will also experience an unexpected reunion. Boxing is similar to normal fighting, but has different rules.

Next is the Bosozoku community, which I guess could be translated with “motorcycle gang.” It’s a Japanese subculture focused on custom motorcycles and often associated with delinquency.

Of course, this involves a racing minigame. You can select among four different bikes with different performance and appearance and each can be modified.

Yagami will also find out that a student goes to a girls’ bar while lying about his age. Obviously, he’ll follow suit. At the bar, you can enjoy … Read the rest

The Simpsons Arcade Game Classic Cabinet Will Be Available for Pre-Order in August

The Simpsons Arcade Game is one of the most beloved classic arcade cabinets, and finally players will be able to have this iconic Konami game at their homes thanks to Arcade1Up. The company announced pre-orders for their version of the cabinet with four-player support, online co-op, and an included stool will open on Aug. 16. You can put a notification alert to be reminded of it on their official site.

Right now there’s no price confirmed for The Simpsons cabinet, but similar four-player cabinets by Arcade1Up like X-Men: The Arcade Game and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, both also from Konami, range in price between $649.99 to $699.99.

The Simpsons, as the game was called back in 1991 when it launched, is a simple beat’em up game developed by Konami based on the Simpsons TV Show, which only had 2 seasons at that time. Players can choose between … Read the rest

New Information About Forza Horizon 5 Biomes Detailed Alongside Stunning Screenshots

Earlier today, the Xbox Wire Editor in Chief, Will Tuttle, dropped some brand-new information about the many different biomes players will be able to find in Forza Horizon 5. Many of these locations were shown off over multiple livestreams back in June, but they never discussed the finer details about these places.

A few places were talked about during their E3 programming surrounding this game, but we now know the specific names of all 11 biomes along with a few other facts. The biggest being that season will be returning in Forza Horizon 5. Tuttle went into detail on how this returning feature will have an impact on the new game.

“…each of the 11 unique biomes will transition though the seasons differently. As an example, spring means the rainy season in the jungles and farmland of Mexico, while summer could bring intense tropical thunderstorms along the coasts.”

After introducing … Read the rest

Splitgate Developers Had to Take Servers Offline Due to Crazy Demand

Recently, the development team at 1047 Games had to take Splitgate servers offline due to the immense amount of players online that caused server instability.

Taking the beta offline, the 1047 Games team explained below that their servers can only hold up to a total of 65,536 players at one time. A threshold that the players reached over.

In a Twitter statement by the developers, last night they decided to shut the servers to prevent players from having a bad experience. They also rewarded all players with five in-game drops to compensate for the issue.

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Coreupt for PC & Next-Gen Consoles Gets New Images Showing its Fighters; New Trailer Teased

Coreupt creator Jesse Wright shared more images of the upcoming free-to-play next-gen fighting game.

The images show some of the characters included in the game, Winry, Beretta, and Gatling.

We also get a tease of a “next trailer” which is likely coming soon.

You can take a look below.

At the moment, not much is known about Coreupt besides the fact that it looks impressive and it’ll be free to play for PC and … Read the rest

Microsoft Flight Simulator Fenix A320 Gets Impressive Videos; F-14 Tomcat, Hawk T1, & St. Croix Get New Screenshots; Edinburg & Mumbai Released

Today third-party developers had plenty of news to share about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We start with two new releases. Orbx launched its Mumbai City Pack, enriching the city in India considerably.

It can be purchased on Orbx Direct for $7.36 and you can read a list of features below.

  • 16 high-detail custom landmarks including Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Omkar 1973, Imperial Towers, and the Bandra–Worli Sea Link bridge.
  • More than 100 medium-detail custom landmarks showcase the truly unique architectural styles of old and new Mumbai.
  • Several highrises with rooftop helipads, with additional landing areas on Navy frigates and at Shikra Heliport.
  • Custom orthoimagery for Mumbai City as well as the port and industrial areas across the bay.
  • Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas: improved vegetation and building placements, static boats, vessels, cranes, chimneys, etc.
  • Extensive terraforming and shoreline adjustments
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Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality Stars Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant as The Doctor

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is a new game by developer Maze Theory based on the popular British show Doctor Who. The game will have an original story that expands on the previous game Doctor Who: Edge of Time, and will have two previous Doctors providing voices for their versions of the character.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on Sept. 30. Unlike Doctor Who: Edge of Time, this one won’t be in VR.

The player will be able to join the Thirteenth Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, to help her save all of time and reality. This is done by entering the “Chaosverse”, a place where a series of time-breaking glitches keep happening and can change things as if time itself became corrupted data.

During your adventure you’ll face classic Doctor Who monsters … Read the rest

Superhot VR Removes Self-Harm Scenes in New Update

Superhot VR got a new update numbered which removed some disturbing scenes alluding to self-harm from the game, causing a bit of an uproar with their users. The timing is certainly peculiar as the game is now over 5 years old.

Developer Superhot Team made a post in their Steam community arguing that the previous option to “Skip disturbing scenes” was not enough and that now they have removed all scenes alluding to self-harm, even regretting it took them that long. The dedicated forum discussion includes about 25 pages of mostly negative users’ reactions to the change.

Below you can read the official statement.

“Skip disturbing scenes” toggle was added in a previous update. Considering sensitive time we’re living in, we can do better than that. You deserve better. All scenes alluding to self harm are now completely removed from the game. These scenes have no place in superhot

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