Mario Golf Super Rush’s Last Free Update Adds Shy Guy and Wiggler

Nintendo has just announced the contents of a new free update for Mario Golf Super Rush. This update (version 4.0.0) adds two new playable characters, courses, and modes. It will be the final free update to the game, coming after a previous free update back in September.

The two new playable characters in this update are Shy Guy and Wiggler.

Shy Guy is a well-balanced, all-around golfer whose special shot has the effect of blowing away balls around the point of impact. Wiggler is a power-type golfer whose special shot has the effect of blowing away balls from its point of impact as well as the surrounding area.

The two new courses are called Shelltop Sanctuary and All-Star Summit.

Shelltop Sanctuary is where Cheep Cheeps fly to and fro with two difficulty settings and all 18 holes being Par 3. All-Star Summit uses illustrations of Mario and others as its … Read the rest

Tales of Arise Stage Play Announced; It’ll Be Broadcasted Online

Bandai Namco hosted the Tales of Festival 2021 at the Tokyo Garden Theater and announced a stage play inspired by its popular JRPG Tales of Arise.

The play will be titled “Tales of Arise Online Theater: Liberators – Kibou o Takusa Reshi Kaihousha-tachi” which translates as “The Liberators Entrusted with Hope.”

As the name suggests, it’ll be aired online on Bandai Namco’s event portal Asobistage with four performances between March 26 and March 27, 2022.

We also hear that it’ll be broadcasted worldwide, which is definitely sweet news.

It’ll be “another story” focusing on the characters of the game, and the following members of the cast have been announced:

  • Shionne: Haruna Iikubo
  • Rinwell: Rino Wauchi
  • Law: Shunya Ohira
  • Kisara: Hikaru Yokota
  • Dohalim: Tetsuya Iwanaga
  • Vholran: Kaito Hori

Alphen is the only member of the cast for which an actor has not been announced yet.

You can check out a trailer … Read the rest

Made in Abyss JRPG for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC Gets New Screenshots

Today Spike Chunsoft released new screenshots of the upcoming Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness JRPG that was revealed back in May 2021.

We get to see quite a few images from gameplay, including the equipment menu and the character customization.

You can check them out below.

If you’re not familiar with the IP, this single-player JRPG is inspired by the popular manga Made in Abyss by Akihito Tsukushi, which also spawned an anime series and films in Japan.

It’ll prompt the player to experience the Anime’s Story and play through Riko’s harrowing adventure. On top of that, we’ll be able to take on a mode as a novice Cave Raider facing the depths of the Abyss. The original story for this mode is supervised by Akihito Tsukushi himself.

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness will release in 2022 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via … Read the rest

Arcane Season 2 Has Officially Started Production

Only around two weeks after premiering on Netflix, the second season of League of Legends spin-off series Arcane has started production. This announcement comes right on the heels of the season finale.

While this does mean good things for the future of the show, it is definitely to be expected that there won’t be word on a premiere date anytime soon.

This announcement came with a tweet and and short 32 second video.

The trailer does feature dialogue hinting at the future, so it might be a wise choice to simply accept the announcement if you have yet to start/finish Arcane.

The brief tweet from the official Arcane show account reads:

Ready yourselves, friends. Season 2 of Arcane is now in production.

Where’s a Hexgate when you need one?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 737, F-16, & Bulldog Get New Screenshots; Rovaniemi Airport Announced in Time for Christmas

Today third-party developers had a bunch more reveals in store about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

First and foremost, we get a brand new screenshot of the Boeing 737 by PMDG. Not only this looks awesome, but it was posted as a new header of the developer’s Facebook page.

This may mean that they may be ready to make an announcement, as they did before with the DC-6.

Next comes Blackbox Simulations with further screenshots of the Scottish Aviation Bulldog trainer that was revealed yesterday.

SC Design shared a further look at its F-16 Fighting Falcon, showing two new liveries and smoke for the Thunderbirds version.

last, but definitely not least, MK-Studios announced Rovaniemi Airport (EFRO) in Finland, famous for having a runway crossed by the Arctic circle and for its proximity to Santa Claus Village.

Recently, we published our latest interview with head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann and … Read the rest

Microsoft Flight Simulator Scottish Aviation Bulldog Announced; Twin Otter Confirmed for This Year; Christchurch & More Get New Screenshots

Today third-party developers had quite a few reveals to make about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We start with Blackbox Simulations, which announced the Scottish Aviation Bulldog trainer.

Apparently, it’s already close to release and the package  T1 and SK61 versions with different panel layouts and 10 real-world liveries.

You can check out the first screenshots below.

Speaking of aircraft, we hear that Aerosoft has decided an approximate launch date for its upcoming de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter.

While they did not share said date, they at least clarified that it’s this year.

Next comes NZA Simulations, with a new look at its upcoming Christchurch Airport (NZCH).

Terrainy Studios showcased more screenshots of the cockpit of its Van’s RV-8.

We also get new screenshots of the recently announced Fouga CM.170 Magister jet trainer by AzurPoly.

Last, but not least, AUScene released the scenic Lord Howe Island airport (YLHI).… Read the rest

Microsoft Flight Simulator Cessna T-50 Bobcat Announced; A2A Simulations Gives Status Update; Himalaya Mesh Released

In addition to what Microsoft itself shared, third-party developers had new info to share about upcoming add-ons, while new scenery for Microsoft flight simulator was released.

First of all, we hear from MilViz and Parallel 42. The latter will use the basic work based by the former in FSX to bring the classic Cessna T-50 Bobcat to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Parallel 42 did mention that the process of converting the aircraft won’t be quick, so we’ll have to wait.

Many have been waiting for acclaimed developer A2A Simulations to debut in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and finally, it appears to be happening, as mentioned by a post on their official forums by CEO Scott Gentile announcing the development of a Piper Comanche 250  which will use the studio’s advanced AccuSim technology.

“I just wanted to say that as of yesterday, thanks to our brilliant Michal Krawczyk and Mark Smith, we appear

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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown “Cutting-Edge Aircraft Series” DLC Released With New Trailer

Today Bandai Namco is releasing the new Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DLC to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.

The DLC, titled “Cutting-Edge Aircraft Series” has already been launched on several storefronts for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and the rest is expected to follow later today.

To celebrate the release, you can find a trailer below, showing the DLC’s content.

Here’s a handy list of what you get:

ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN – F/A-18F Super Hornet Block III Set
– Playable Aircraft: F/A-18F Super Hornet Block III
A modernized carrier-based fighter modeled after the F/A-18.
This aircraft can equip the LACM, 8AGM, or 4AAM as its special weapon.
– Includes 7 skins, including the special “Aggressor Splitter” skin.

– Playable Aircraft: F-2A -Super Kai-
A modernized multirole support fighter based on the F-2.
This aircraft can

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Overview Trailer Highlights Main Gameplay Features

A five-minute long overview trailer for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which release later this week, was unveiled today on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. The overview trailer highlights some of the main gameplay features that you can expect in these remakes.

The trailer starts off with showing how the beginning of the game will go: you travel to a lake near your town with your childhood friend, where you’ll pick out your very own starter Pokemon. After choosing between Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, Professor Rowan will recruit you to complete the Pokedex of the Sinnoh region.

We see the diversity of the Sinnoh region and its mountain ranges, grassy fields, lakes, and snowy trails. We also get a glimpse of many of the Pokemon we’ll encounter on the journey, such as Bidoof and Drifloon, as well as a few shots of our Pokemon running behind us in the overworld.… Read the rest

Super Robot Wars Series Has Shipped Over 19 Million Units

Today Bandai Namco announced with a press release that the recent launch of Super Robot Wars 30 has pushed the series beyond a sales milestone.

The whole franchise has passed 19 million units shipped (physically and digitally) worldwide since its debut in 1991 across 90 SKUs.

Being a crossover franchise bringing together many mecha series, it has hosted over 274 different IPs in its history. This is the largest number of IPs ever included in a JRPG series.

Super Robot Wars 30 launched on October 28 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, even if the west received only the PC version. That being said, you can still import it from South East Asia if you prefer playing on consoles with English subtitles.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read the official description below and check out the latest trailer in English.

“30 years on, the battle for our

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