Dreams Update 2.44 Now Live With Significant Improvements to Create Mode

When it comes to user creations that can actually function as gameplay mechanics and even actual experiences themselves, Media Molecule’s Dreams is one of the best at it. Whether you are looking for fresh ideas to test out or create one of your own using its toolset, the game has some robust tools to aid in that endeavor. If that is not enough, the latest 2.44 update for Dreams is putting even more power in players’ hands for Create Mode, improving an already great toolset from previous updates.

The tweaks and additions are obviously going to be more technical owing to the nature of the game, but it is still fun to see the flexibility that the new stuff will bring to the right creators. There is the new Time & Date gadget that can detect the real-life time and date, and when paired with the improved Sun & Sky gadget, you can ensure that the creations line up with whenever an player is enjoying the experience.

The Calculator gadget has also been improved, with a wider version that can have up to 10 inputs for values, while new trigonometric and vector operations are now possible for the foundational gadget. Animations can also be made smoother thanks to the new IK/FK conversion mechanic, while textures on sculpts can be adjusted if you prefer less of a textured look. There are also new colorblindness filters that can aid creators in ensuring their creations are accessible to all.

There are many more changes that have been made to Dreams with update 2.44, so if you are interested as a creator, be sure to check out the full patch notes. You could also just jump right in and play around, which is exactly what Dreams was made for.

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