Ferrari: “The SF1000 is not a completely failed project”

2020 was definitely a forgettable year for Ferrari in Formula 1, having collected their fifteenth season without even a single race win. But the analysis of the data is far worse, given that the sixth place among the manufacturers represents the worst result in history, after the tenth position at the end of the 1980 Formula 1 season. And it is even worse, with the sadness of not having covered even a lap in the race lead of a Grand Prix, a peculiarity that has only occurred twice in the 70-year history of Formula 1.

These data would be enough to send the unfortunate SF1000 to the attic without too many regrets, a car with great difficulties both in terms of power unit and chassis.

However, Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto explains that “the SF1000 is not a completely failed project, between Portimao and Abu Dhabi we tested new diffusers that helped us solve the correlation problems between simulator and track, and will be very useful for 2021”. The Maranello team’s engineers therefore intend to start from here in view of the new championship, where no miracles are expected: “We can aim to finish at least third. We must be realistic: the gap from the best is too big, and the time to close it is too little.”

Mattia Binotto therefore relies heavily on the new engine: “We focused on the power unit to solve the problems we had on the 2020 car: we count a lot on this engine that runs on the bench. I have high hopes for the performance the engine is currently showing, we have a great desire to make up for the 2020 season” – the Ferrari boss concluded.

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