Genshin Impact Developer HoYoverse Teases New Game Zenless Zone Zero

Today developer HoYoverse (previously known as MiHoYo) has opened a teaser website for what appears to be a new game titled Zenless Zone Zero.

The new site indicates the date of the reveal as May 13 and plays an in-lore news broadcast.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name HoYoverse (or MiHoYo), it’s the Chinese development studio that works on the super-popular online action-RPG Genshin Impact.

The video talks of a “sub-Hollow” that has appeared in the city as public security have established a “level-2 control zone” and is currently evacuating the resident.

The “sub-Hollow” is likely the Black-Hole-like sphere in the middle of the image that appears to cover part of the city.

The description embedded in the site’s code reads as follows:

“Inside the mysterious TV, a record of unknown time awaits your discovery. Zenless Zone Zero officially
announces on 22/05/13″

Interestingly, the tags include “Beta” and “recruitment,” so it’s likely that we’ll get the announcement of a beta test on May 13.

At the moment, nothing else is officially known about the game, but the room depicted on the teaser site has a decidedly retro look, with an old CRT TV, plenty of VHS tapes, and a VHS recorder.

There is also a partly-visible movie poster of what appears to be a Mafia-inspired movie titled “Familia,” but it’s hard to say whether it’s actually a hint or simple decoration.

For the moment, all we can do is wait, but May 13 is not too far off, so we should learn more about Zenless Zone Zero soon.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted as soon as HoYoverse officially reveals the game or shares further clues about its nature.

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