Guilty Gear -Strive- Getting Second Open Beta for PS5 and PS4; Anji & I-No Will Be Playable

Today Arc System Works reached out with a press release to announce a second open beta for its upcoming fighting game Guilty Gear -Strive-.

The beta will run on PS5 and PS4 between 8:00 pm PDT on May 13 to 7:59 am PDT on May 16. A pre-download will be available for  8:00 am PDT on May 7.

This time around, the full cast of launch characters will be playable, including I-No and Anji, who weren’t playable in the previous beta.

Below you can find the modes available in the open beta.

  • Versus – Play against the CPU or another player.
  • Tutorial – Learn the basics of gameplay.
  • Training – Practice with custom settings.
  • Network – Play against others from across the globe. Player Matches (player created rooms) will not be available during the beta test.

Cross-play will be available between PS5 and PS4 and if you already have the previous beta client it will simply be updated without you needing to re-download the whole thing.

Also, PlayStation Plus won’t be required to play the beta online.

Incidentally, the game is coming for PS5, PS4, and PC, and was delayed to June 11 a few weeks ago.

If you want to see more of Guilty Gear –Strive–, you can check out the latest gameplay, the original announcement from EVO 2019,  an earlier trailer showcasing  Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, and teasing May. Another trailer revealed Axl Low, one showcased more of his gameplay, the previous promotional video unveiled Chipp Zanuff and Potemkin, the one showcasing more of the two and unveiled Faust, another focusing on Ramlethal Valentine, one showcasing Millia Rage and Zato=1, another revealing Leo Whitefang and Nagoriyuki, one showcasing Giovanna, one focusing on  Mito Anji, one showcasing I-No.

You can also enjoy a bunch of character guides, including Sol & Ki, May & Axl, Chipp & Potemkin, Faust, Millia Rage, Zato=1, Ramlethal Valentine, Leo Whitefang, Nagoriyuki, and Giovanna.

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