Haas about Ferrari: “We believe in loyalty”

Despite the disappointing performance of the Ferrari engine, Haas is not going to look for another engine supplier. The information has been confirmed by team boss Guenther Steiner.

Since Haas entered the sport in 2016 it has been riding around with Italian-made motorbikes. This has resulted in varying successes. In 2018 the American team achieved fifth place among the constructors, but in the following years it went downhill for Steiner and his men. This season Kevin Magnussen has so far scored the only point for the team at the GP of Hungary.

Nevertheless, Steiner believes it is important that he and his team remain loyal to Ferrari, he says to Motorsport.com. “I believe in loyalty and so does Gene. Ferrari has played a big role in setting up our team, they have done very well in that respect. They are struggling now, but it is about short-term problems. Ferrari always comes back. I do not think it is ethical to change supplier after the first setback.”

There are also other factors that will make a partnership with Ferrari financially attractive for Haas in the future. “Some of our infrastructure has been set up in Italy, so it will be difficult to go anywhere else. Then we will have to move to England, which, of course, is not cheap. At the moment the best solution for us is to continue the cooperation with Ferrari”.

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